deep cleaning your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in a home. This is especially true for those of us with little boys! I clean my bathroom daily but once a week I like to get in there and do a nice deep clean.

I purchased a book on my kindle called “The Good Wife’s Guide: Embracing Your Role As Help Meet” by Darlene Schacht. I understand that in today’s society the whole help meet and traditional marital roles are tossed aside and seen as something outdated and even wrong. I disagree with this and I thoroughly enjoy being my husbands help meet.

This list was taken straight from Darlene’s book…in the book it is 53 steps, for the sake of my fingers, I combined a few steps to make the list shorter. This can be done easily in an hour or two depending on the size of you bathroom or the number of bathrooms in your home. A nice deep clean and a daily touch up should keep your bathroom a healthy & beautiful place in your home.

1. the night before you deep clean, decide if you need a new shower liner, toothbrushes, toothbrush holder and/or soap dispenser.

2. when you are ready to get started, grab all of your towels that are in there and toss them in a basket

3. pull up your bath rugs and either shake them outside or toss them in the basket with the towels to be washed

4. remove shower curtain and liner and any window hangings and toss in basket. take it down to the laundry and start a load if you cant wash your liner in the wash, set aside to be handwashed later

5. bring a basket into the bathroom to store bottles while you work remove all soap and shampoo and other things from the shower, vanity and window sill, stick it in the basket and move it to the hall so you have room

6. spray bathroom cleaner on the walls of your shower or apply cleanser to a scrub brush ..Darlene mentions using powdered laundry soap instead of comet..i’ve never tried it.  put on a pair of slippers or soft soled shoes and hop in the shower. using the scrub brush, scrub the shower walls. use the brush to get the shower head. Use a small toothbrush (old one of course) to clean aroung the tap handles and shower head joints.

7. if you have mold, mix 1 tablespoon of bleach into a bottle and spray it AFTER you rinse the tub, or you can either die or cause a chemical reaction that can ruin the tub.

8. make sure you get all the built in soap dishes and if you have a caddy that too. scrub it really good. Once the entire shower area has been scrubbed, rinse. with a removable shower head or a wet cloth

9. get out of the shower and start with the tub now. *open a window or a vent if you havent already* spray the tub with the cleaner or sprinkle cleanser into it. use the brush and scrub the tub sides and bottom really good. *darlene says even if you dont see dirt, its there* scrub down rim of the tub too. ppull hair from the drain if you see it in there.  use the toothbrush to to polish the drain.

10. rinse the tub really well using a jug of water and a damp cloth. polish any shiny surfaces with a paper towel.

11. spray the cleaning solution in the toliet and around the interior of the bowl. Lift the seat and spray the underside of it too. using a toliet brush, scrub all areas of the toliet that you sprayed. flush and lower the seat. using a damp cloth with a bit of cleaner on it, wipe down the seat, tank and top of the toliet. make sure you clean behind the seat really well (this isnt in the book, but i use a Qtip to get into the crevices behind the seat)

12. rinse the cloth and spray the exterior of the toliet including the base. wipe it clean . make sure you reach behind the toliet to get the back of it. a lot of dust, hair and other gross things get back there easily. scrub the floor around the toliet too. grab some paper towels and wipe down the base again to make sure you got every thing

13. pull a chair and wipe down the light fixtures and wall/ceiling vents with a damp cloth. wipe down the top of the medicine cabinet.

14. spray the basin of the sink and the taps with solution or again use the powdered cleanser.  using the brush you used in the shower, scrub the basin and the counter. use the old truthbrush and scrub the handles and behind the tap (again, i use a qtip back there, sometime the brush misses the small crevices)  rinse the sink and use a wet cloth to wipe down the counter and tap.

15. using either window cleaner or a vinegar and water solution, spray the mirror and wipe it down really good. if you have a wind in your bathroom, clean that as well. make sure to get the inside tracks and the window sill..

16. you should probably switch loads of laundry now, or you might forget lol

17. pull the basket in from the hall and toss out any empty bottles. wipe down any that are sticky or dusty and put them back in its place. replace your soap dish /dispenser and toothbrush holder too.

18. now open up you medicine cabinet, under your sink and any other cupboards you have in there and put everything in the basket, again, put it in the hall

19.with a damp cloth wipe down the interior shelves, and the exterior too. go thru your contents in the basket and see what can be tossed. if you have a ton of make up brushes and liners, find a mug to put them in so they arent all over the place. replace the items neatly. (this is for medicine cabinet, under the sink and the other shelves you have)

20.head back to the laundry room and see if your towels and mats are dry, fold them up and set aside for now. If you have the plastic liner that couldnt go into the washer, put it in a sink of hot water and a little bleach (or vinegar and dish soap) for about 20 minutes. head back up to the bathroom and hang up your window curtains and your shower curtain.

21.using a damp cloth, wipe down the outside of the vanity cabinet, the towel rack, toliet paper holder, light switch, door handle and door frame.

22. get a mop and a pail of HOT water and wipe down the floor. use a bit of floor cleaner to get the scent in the air.

23. return to the kitchen and scrub the plastic liner and rinse with warm water squeeze out excess water and hang it back up. put you rugs back into place and hang a towel on the rack

24. after all that, i take a bit of window cleaner to the taps and shiny surfaces and give it a quick polish.

There you have it!  A super clean bathroom that you will now want to banish any and all boys from! lol. I have more lists that I will post soon. I have a kitchen, bedroom, closet and living room deep cleaning list.

As always, thanks for reading and allowing me to share

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