Giving multi-purpose a new definition

When it comes to keeping up on our homes, we will try just about anything to make it easier and perfect. I have found a few tips and tricks using items not exactly designed for cleaning useful. Here is a list of many items in your home that can function as amazing cleaning agents.

Fabric softener sheets:

I keep a box downstairs and upstairs. Obviously they are great in the laundry but sticking one at the bottom of you kitchen trash bin keeps it smelling fresh, just change it out every time you take out the garbage. For really stuck on, burnt on food on stainless steel or glass cookware, boil some water, place a fabric softener sheet in the pan and pour the water over it. let it soak over night and the mess wipes out easily. In the bathroom, keep a sheet in the trash bin. Linen closets stay fresh when a sheet it placed in there as well. Bedroom closets and dressers also stay fresh with a sheet in the drawers and on the shelves. Swipe a sheet over lamp shades to collect dust and freshen the material.

*It doesn’t have to be name brand sheets, just something that smells great.*


Crayon and pencil marks on the walls come up fast with a bit of white toothpaste (not gel) and a little bit of scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Polish the handles on the tap with some toothpaste and an old brush, rinse well and they are sparkling. Also serves as an excellent jewelry cleaner.

Powdered laundry soap:

This works really well when cleaning a bathtub, a small cheap box goes a long way and can get rid of soap scum amazingly well. Also brightens up stainless steel kitchen sinks.


There you have it. Toothpaste, fabric softener and powdered laundry soap has more uses around the house than a lot of people think. Thanks for allowing me to share!


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